How to measure your bra size
A easy guide on how to measure your bra size.
Stay Home. Stay Comfortable.
Tips for staying comfortable while working from home.
READY-TO-WEAR Lingerie: What Is It?
VOHCO introduces a new category of lingerie that elegantly blurs the lines between inner and outer wear.
Slow Fashion: Why We Don't Follow Trends
VOHCO places a strong emphasis on high-quality, sustainable pieces that stand the test of time.
Why Go Wireless?
Discover the popular reasons for going wireless and why you should try too.
5 Minutes with Ruairi Luke
We asked Ruairi Luke a few questions to get to know the gorgeous face behind our latest campaign. Read on to see what confidence means to her. The first thing you do when you wake up is… I wash and...
The 5 Pros of Wearing a Bralette

Discover why bralettes are ever so popular and why they remain a classic wardrobe essential.

The Top 3 Benefits of Silk
Take your beauty, sleep, and travel routine to the next level with silk.
Why Should I Choose a Bralette?
A good quality, carefully constructed bralette can excite a world of difference to your mind, body, and mood.

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