All About L'amour

The L'amour collection is a breath of fresh air in the lingerie world, inspiring confidence and creativity. Building on from our previous bestsellers, we've constructed a bralette with all adjustable straps and removable decorative straps. Wear it the way you want, style it the way you want, adjust it depending on how your body feels throughout the day.
Wear it the way you want with 2 looks in 1
Simply remove the middle straps on both bralette and underwear
Style it the way you want
Choose from 6 head-turning colours
Adjust the straps however you want
 Loosen or tighten the fit
Made with premium delicate lace and finished with lustrous bows and straps. Experience all day comfort with 4-way stretch, lightness, and breathability. 
The L'amour collection is femininity at its finest.
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