READY-TO-WEAR Lingerie: What Is It?

What is ready-to-wear lingerie?

Ready-to-wear lingerie is a concept first embraced by our beautiful customers who made the bold move to wear our original lace collection as outerwear. As such, we designed our latest ESSENTIALS collection using buttery soft cotton with a luxurious thickness suitable for just that.

Our ESSENTIALS collection introduces a new category of lingerie that elegantly blurs the lines between inner and outer wear. Our pieces readily morph from lingerie to ready-to-wear, in a subtle yet intriguing look of minimalistic, sophisticated style.

We have blended intricate undergarment designs with the beautiful cuts of everyday outer wear, to create unique pieces that can effortlessly transition from lingerie to loungewear to casualwear.

How do you wear it?

Wear it any way you want. Our ESSENTIALS collection is designed to suit you no matter what time of day (or night) or what occasion you choose to wear it. Wear it when:

  • You don’t want to wear a wired bra.
  • You’re home and want leisurely loungewear.
  • Your outfit is calling for a subtle, no-bra look.
  • You’re in an athleisure kind of mood.
  • You’re jet-setting around the world and need lightweight, beautiful pieces that match multiple outfits.

Who is it for?

Our ESSENTIALS are suitable for anyone who desires a timeless, stylish look without sacrificing comfort.

It is for the girl who needs versatility in her wardrobe. For the girl who needs a practical, go-to item she can easily style and mix-match. For the girl who wants to ditch wired bras for the comfort of wireless bras. For the girl who wants to feel confident in her own skin no matter what she wears.

Shop our ESSENTIALS now. A ready-to-wear collection of 3 tops and 3 bottoms.


Photographer: Weronika Mamot
Model: Mia Shepherdson
MUA: Krista White
Hair Stylist: Jenna Iliou