Stay Home. Stay Comfortable.

Tips for staying comfortable while working from home.

Home life means you can easily wind down and work in your most comfortable clothes. Those already working from home may know the importance of setting up the right arrangements to continue other daily activities (i.e. exercise). However, for everyone else new to this, you may find yourself in struggle town after just a few days. Staying home doesn’t have to be a daily tug-of-war between your routine and the lazy life. If you’re feeling the pull, grab your coffee and read on.

  1. Change out of your pajamas. As tempting as it is to stay in pj’s, a little change to your outfit can put you in the right mindset to tackle the day. Avoid the temptation of wearing your oldest, unpleasant clothes. Instead, update your wardrobe with our CROP top paired with our SHORTS for a fresh lounge look.

Triangle Top

  1. Set up a dedicated work space. Try to not work on the bed - a sacred space that should be preserved for sleep. Set up an ergonomic work space. Ensure your head and neck are correctly aligned, your shoulders are relaxed and not slouching, and your feet are flat on the floor/footrest. There are many comprehensive guides that you can follow online.
  1. Stretch and exercise. From simple exercises to full training sessions, there are unlimited guides online to help you get started. Alternatively, try an app or YouTube video. Personal training may also be available via video call. For light exercise and yoga, try our BANDEAU top – the ultimate must-have for support and comfort. 


  1. Ditch the confines of your everyday bra and try our freedom-loving TRIANGLE top. It’s like taking off your bra after a long day (but with the support). Read more about going wireless HERE.

Triangle Top

  1. Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink 2-3L per day, on top of a healthy, balanced diet!
  1. Keep up the high spirits. Read, listen to podcasts, learn something new, cook something new, spend time gardening, declutter your room, make a phone call to friends or relatives you haven’t talked to in a while, organise and work on your goals (mind, body, personal, financial, work etc…).

We hope these tips help you to create a comfortable home life while also feeling comfortable. To see more beautiful, homely pieces, explore our full range of ESSENTIALS.


Photographer: Sebastian Graetz @sebastiangraetz
Model: Kristina @koshernaya