The 5 Pros of Wearing a Bralette

Discover why bralettes are ever so popular and why they remain a classic wardrobe essential.

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1. Comfortable

What’s more comfortable than the softest lace against your skin? Going wire-free, of course! Bralettes are famed for being ultra comfortable and body-friendly. Get ready to feel relaxed and at ease with your body.

Tip: VOHCO lingerie is highly adjustable so it will adapt to suit your body any time.

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2. Stylish

Bralettes are the ultimate style symbol. Dress it up under a chic blouse or dress it down with an off-shoulder knit. Wear it on an evening out or to a casual brunch with friends. With so many style and colour options, we’re spoiled for choice! Explore our collection for the perfect bralette. Shop HERE.

Tip: Our customers love wearing their bralettes as outerwear! For the daring, style yours with jeans and a leather jacket. Don’t forget to tag us if you do! #VOHCO.

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3. Light & Breezy

Thick materials trap body heat, sweat, and odour. Avoid the discomfort with an airy, lightweight bralette. Ideal for the warmer weather or those living / travelling to tropical climates.

Tip: On hot days, wear lighter colours as this will absorb less heat and will keep you cool.

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4. Versatile

From lazy days to sultry nights. Strolls by the beach to picnics by the hills. Your best friend’s party to your next concert. The bralette is an all-rounder. It’s a wardrobe essential that will take you one place to another, one outfit at a time.

Tip: Pair your bralette with a blazer, jacket, or your favorite top for a unique and trendy look. Flaunt a little lace for a cheeky but sophisticated reveal.

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5. Travel-Friendly

The new secret for packing light. Bralettes keep their shape so you can easily fold and neatly store them in your luggage. You won’t need to worry about it losing structure or creasing. They’re dainty essentials that are compact, easy to clean, and worry-free.

Tip: Pack a bralette and you’ll have multiple outfits sorted (and plenty more luggage space!). 


Photographer: Weronika Mamot
Model: Allie Borgelt
MUA: Annie Dinh
Hair Stylist: Vee Nguyen
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