Why Go Wireless?

Ladies, what’s better than taking off your bra after a long day? Not much besides a lightweight, wire-free bralette. It’s the closest thing to that naked feeling you crave all day.

Imagine the absence of harsh metal wires, leaving just the softest lace against your skin. It’s next level comfort that leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease with your body. It’s inspiring the freedom of movement that will have you feeling pure confidence in your own skin.

Feel light & breezy all day. The delicate lace only seeks to give you a soft, airy sensation. It won’t trap body heat, sweat, and odour. The heaviness of wired bras won’t allow for such uncomplicated delights. 

Travel in style without the worry of your wireless bra losing structure or creasing. They will always keep their shape so you can easily fold and store them carefree. Compact, easy to clean, and hassle-free, doesn’t that sound like the perfect travel item? 

Wireless bras will always be the comfortable yet stylish alternative to traditional wired bras. At VOHCO, we are the home of wireless bras. View our range HERE. Whether it’s for lounging at home or out and about, try one for yourself and feel the difference today.


Photographer: Sebastian Graetz

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