Why Should I Choose a Bralette?

We women spend a ridiculous portion of our life in bras that cling awkwardly to our bodies, are abrasive on our skin, and make us feel as dull as the underwires. How irrational it is that we don’t choose a better alternative, the bralette.

A good quality, carefully constructed bralette can excite a world of difference to your mind, body, and mood. Not only does it provide superior comfort, but it’s a chic addition to your look. So much so that our beautiful customers frequently style theirs as outerwear.

So, why should you choose a bralette over a normal bra?

VOHCO Photoshoot

 A VOHCO Bralette:


Did you know that the design of our bralettes is oftentimes more complicated than your average bra? Don’t let its clean, simple looks fool you.

Our bralettes are designed in Australia, and made from quality materials sourced from around the world. We are inspired by travel, art, theatre, culture, music – experiences that arouse the senses. These moods are captured elegantly into our designs to create classic, unique pieces that aim to inspire confidence in our clients.

We do not follow seasons, or trends. Our pieces are designed to be wardrobe staples hence there are no set release dates throughout the year. Don’t miss out on exclusive updates and our latest releases – make sure you are subscribed to our client list HERE.

VOHCO Photoshoot


High-quality bralettes undergo a delicate design process. Every feature is carefully considered - from the structure, form, fit, lace, threads, trimmings, and straps. No feature is left to chance.

Our experienced tailors work collaboratively with our founder in a sophisticated system of:

- Thoughtful, creative design.
- The selection of the finest materials sourced worldwide.
- Skilful stitching for maximum flexibility, comfort, and durability.
- Top craftsmanship that emphasise the natural lines of lace fibres to fit the natural curves of your body.
- Continuous quality checks from start to finish.

VOHCO Photoshoot


    No harsh underwires, wireless contouring, soft adjustable straps that adapt to you every time. A bralette that complements your body effortlessly no matter where you are or what you’re doing. A bralette that leaves you feeling confident in your own skin.

    All of our bralettes are released in a set with a matching pantie – these are mostly adjustable so will fit most sizes (please refer to our Size Chart for more information). Start shopping HERE.



    Photographer: Weronika Mamot
    Model: Olivia Molly Rogers
    MUA: Millie Herd
    Hair Stylist: Vee Nguyen
    Behind the Scenes Video

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