About Us

VOHCO is an Australian brand based in the city of Adelaide. We specialise in 100% wireless lingerie and leisurewear, with a strong focus on comfort, style, and versatility.

"One-of-a-kind lingerie, designed in Adelaide, Australia"

VOHCO launched in 2017 for petite sizes with a range of wireless bras, padded bralettes, and adjustable lingerie. We continue to blend timeless designs, luxurious materials, and high-quality artisanship to create pieces that are distinctly minimalistic, yet elevates the everyday look.

"Every purchase comes in a reusable luxe lingerie bag"

At VOHCO, we embrace your natural beauty and confidence through the uninhibited movement that comes with going wire-free. We want our designs to not only transform the way you dress, but also the way you move and feel. Each piece intends to be a reminder to love yourself and to feel endlessly confident in your own skin.

"Lingerie is a form of self-care"

Our Quality

We advocate a “slow-made” process that is disengaged from excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, and overconsumption. This slow approach allows us to focus on creating sustainable and timeless wardrobe classics that transcend trends and seasons. Only two collections are exclusively released a year. Learn more HERE.

Our Lingerie

Our lingerie features wireless contouring, adaptable stretch, premium lace, and soft adjustable designs that adapt to your body every time.

Our Essentials

Our brand has evolved to include ready-to-wear essentials that double as both inner and outerwear. Known for its comfort and versatility, this design-forward collection is built around our hero product, the hidden “shelf” bra.

By fusing lingerie with everyday basics, we aim to create a minimalistic and ultra comfortable line of wardrobe essentials you can wear from home, to yoga, to brunch, or to dinner. 

Ethical Manufacturing

At the core of our brand is respect, support, and kindness to the people we work with. Our manufacturing teams work with us to achieve a fair, safe, and healthy working environment.

In addition to regular communication, we travel from Australia to Asia frequently for auditing and ensuring best practices at every step of our production.

Saigon, Vietnam

Our production started in Vietnam and is influenced by Vietnamese heritage. We work closely and fairly with our team of talented seamstresses who handcraft each individual piece of our lace collection. Our aim is to support the growth of the local Vietnam economy, provide training and opportunities for increased skill and knowledge, and increase quality of life one step at a time.

Jiangsu & Zhejiang, China

As our collection developed, certain products and materials we wanted to introduce were not available in Vietnam. We made the move to select a high-quality manufacturer in China, ending up in the silk capital of the world.

Here, we were able to work with a diverse range of materials and within an advanced network of efficient suppliers. This also allowed for an environmentally friendly option within the supply chain including reduced transportation of goods and resources.

Regular visits, audits, and quality checks consistently demonstrate that our chosen manufacturers in China work ethically and have the necessary certifications. 

Minimal Waste

Our products are packaged in a reusable lingerie bag and shipped without plastic. We are in the process of phasing out box packaging, brochures, and other physical marketing materials.

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